Cavities and Dental Fillings in Brandon

Cavities are Common

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Unfortunately, cavities are common; most adults have had at least one cavity filled in their lives by age 23! Even the most devoted oral care practitioners are susceptible to cavities. Cavities will become a problem when bacteria gets trapped in the cavity, causing a breakdown that leads to tooth decay. If left untreated, this tooth decay will begin to damage the outer enamel and soft dentin beneath the tooth’s enamel. That’s why it is so important to catch a cavity in its early stages, while the infection is small and hasn’t caused bigger more painful problems. Untreated cavities can lead to serious infections, requiring a more invasive root canal procedure to heal the tooth. Regular 6 month check-ups at Pleasant Smiles Dentistry are essential to find and treat potential cavities quickly and easily, before they become bigger problems. A tooth with a small cavity may not be painful and can only be detected through an oral exam with Dr. Pleasant and/or an x-ray. A tooth with a bigger cavity may be painful to the touch, feel sensitive to pressure from chewing or hot and cold temperatures. If you think you may have a cavity, make an appointment at Pleasant Smiles Dentistry to take care of the issue right away and avoid further complications.

What Causes Cavities?


Cavities form when bacteria gets trapped in holes, openings or gaps in the tooth’s enamel. These holes form when the natural bacteria in the mouth interacts with the sugars in carbohydrate-dense foods (such as bread, fruit, soda, milk and candy) converting them to acids. These acids, along with bacteria, saliva and food particles combine in the mouth to form a plaque that adheres to teeth. The acid in the plaque dissolves the tooth’s enamel creating cavities.

Treating Cavities at Pleasant Smiles Dentistry

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The filling process is simple and can be completed in one easy visit to our Brandon office. First, the gums around the area will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Then a small drill will be used on the enamel of the affected tooth, exposing the decay and giving space for any infection to be fully removed. The infected enamel and dentin will be carefully removed and the area will be thoroughly cleansed, getting rid of all bacteria. After all decay has been removed the tooth will be shaped in preparation for the filling material. Then the tooth will be filled with a natural tooth colored composite and a special light will be applied to the tooth to quick-set the filling. The natural colored composite filling material will leave your tooth looking and feeling completely natural. That’s it! When the numbing anesthetic wears off you may experience some sensitivity to pressure, certain sweet foods or hot and cold temperatures. This sensitivity is normal and should diminish within a week or two. If sensitivity in the filled tooth continues longer than a few weeks or intensifies contact our office for a follow up appointment with Dr. Pleasant. Finding a cavity in its early stages means it can be treated quickly and painlessly.

Replacing Old or Damaged Fillings

Unfortunately, fillings don’t last forever. Fillings will naturally wear out over time or can be damaged in an unforeseen accident. Old fillings are at risk of falling out, cracking or wearing down. A filling may crack or fall out when the forces biting and chewing wearing the stability of the filling down over time. If, when the filling was initially placed, any saliva or debris became trapped in the space between the tooth and the filling material, the tooth is at a greater risk of continued decay and the filling will need to be replaced. Teeth with old or damaged fillings in need of replacement will experience sensitivity to pressure, certain foods or temperature. Damaged or old fillings may also begin to noticeably crack or pieces may begin to break and fall out. If you think an existing filling needs to be replaced, don’t risk further complications and make an appointment at Pleasant Smiles Dentistry today.  At Pleasant Smiles Dentistry we also replace old unsightly mercury or metal fillings with natural tooth colored composite fillings.

The Best Brandon Dentists

At Pleasant Smiles Dentistry our Brandon dentists and team strives to give you the highest quality dental treatments in a relaxing and friendly environment. With customized individual dental plans, we can decide as a team how your smile will stay strong, and look and feel great. We believe the best way to help someone in any matter is by getting to know them. If you have any questions regarding dental fillings, or any of our services, feel free to call (601) 825-2411.